Australian Irreecha Festival was celebrated in Melbourne, Mount Dandenong.

Yesterday, Sunday, June 23,2024, we celebrated the Australian Irreecha Festival in Melbourne, Mount Dandenong. It was a nice day because there was no rain. It was a pleasure to see the children and adults who participated in the Oromo cultural wearing dress coming together and sticking together. It was a successful day.

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The festival began with the blessing of the elders. The content of the blessing was about the success and prosperity of the community and the country.

The previous messages thanked God for helping us to have peace and greenery.

The Irreecha Arfaasaa is a thanksgiving festival celebrated during the spring season of the year. It is a time to thank God for bringing us through the summer in peace. We pray to God that we will spend the summer ahead in peace.

The community thanked God for the recovery of their man, Dhaabasaa Waaqjiraa, who had been working hard to promote Oromo culture and helping the community.

The festival ended successfully as scheduled.

In the afternoon, they gathered at Dhaabasa’s house for a BBQ, during which they reminded each other of the importance of community participation in encouraging each other.

All those involved in organizing this fun, educational and encouraging event were also thanked.

Many sympathetic and entertaining memories were shared, and many tearful ones.

The anniversary of Irreechaa was celebrated with success, goodness and happiness. Photos and memories have been shared in many ways.

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