Statement of condolence from Global Waaqeffannaa Assembly

The Global Waaqeffannaa Assembly is deeply saddened by the passing of a volunteer, Girma Gamada, who passed away on July 4,2024 after a long illness.

Girma spent most of his life helping the Oromo community with volunteer work. With his knowledge and skills, he advocated for the work of Waqeffannaa to be known and understood.

The Global Waaqeffannaa Assembly remembers the former cameraman and graphics professional, Girma Gamada as a kind, generous and benevolent professional who helped with what he had.

We pray that the Almighty God will place the soul of this professional who has been voluntarily promoting and spreading the work of Waaqeffannaa in a chamber of peace and harmony. May condolences be extended to his family and friends.

May God help the Waaqeffannaa community that he volunteered to serve to gain strong courage!

Global Waaqeffannaa Assembly

July 7, 2024

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