GIRMA GAMADAA: An Example of Oromo Volunteerism

How do we remember Girma Gamada?

Girma Gamada was born and raised in Oromia. When he was young, however, the political situation did not allow him to serve his countrymen. The passion and passion for promoting Oromo and Oromummaa did not disappear from him. Instead, this charity left the country with Girma and became an example of Oromo Volunteerism.

GIRMA GAMADAA: An Example of Oromo Volunteerism

Volunteerism is doing good for the community. This culture is to do work that benefits the community and the country. Everyone has the ability to be kind; but not everyone works beyond their own existence and livelihood for the benefit of other communities. But people who are born with this gift cannot hide themselves. When they get this opportunity, they start doing things that will promote and promote their nation.

We can take Girma Gammada as an example of the people that Oromo had like this, and lost in a short time.

Girma was exiled from Oromia for political reasons and lived in exile in Nairobi, Kenya. He then settled in Toronto, Canada. From then on, he started working to address the shortage of Oromo through advertising and information. In a short time, he promoted Oromo songs in various ways and made various posters.

He also made it known in the community by preparing advertisements for festivals and events.

He was doing advertising for various Oromo associations. He contributed greatly to the recognition and growth of the Waqeffannaa association by preparing many posters. He has been contributing to the international recognition and growth of the Irreecha festival.

He was involved in all Oromo structures such as OMN, sports associations and community building. He has done a basic job to make the history of the Oromo fighters like Jaal Bureyessso known to the Oromo people and follow their fancy.

Jawar Mohammed recalled Girma’s contribution to OMN as highly dedicated. “It is devastating to hear of the passing of Girma Gemda. We have lost a true friend and a selfless servant of our community. Girma was one of the most committed and consistent people I had the privilege to work with for more than a decade. He was with us from day one, through all the ups and downs. May you rest in peace, brother. My heartfelt condolences to his family and the Toronto community.”

Since arriving from Oromia, almost 20 years ago, Girma has been serving customers with his friendly and informative approach to seafood selections.

It is with heavy hearts that we inform you that Girma has been diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis or Lou Gehrig’s disease), a rare and life-altering condition. ALS is a neurological disease that affects the motor neurons; motor neurons are the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement. This diagnosis means that Girma can no longer work and provide for his family as he once did.

It also means he can no longer continue his volunteer work as a graphic designer for the Oromo Community Center or pursue his passion for photography. Girma’s photography skills were evident in his coverage of the Toronto Waterfront Marathon, Afrofest Toronto and African Fashion Week Toronto.

For people like Hawwinee Alamayehu, Girma was a brotherly advisor. “A patriot, a strong professional, a hero of man, for me to lose you from my own good brother is a strong sorrow beyond words.”

Girmaan was an adult who was strong in many ways. Tulluu Liiban testified to the achievements of Girma Gamada who will be well remembered by the community. “Girma Hordofa Gemeda, who has been a shining star in promoting the Oromo cause through his creative works over the past 2 decades, passed away untimely in North America and beyond hoped he would recover from his illness Unfortunately this humble and clean human being is gone capacity He has been rendering his works for free with passion.

” Moreover, Girma has designed promotional pieces including printable materials such as T-Shirts, caps, banners, artifacts, logos etc. He has also contributed to the design and editing of choreographies and photography. Girma has recorded and documented a number of vital events in Oromo, in videos and pictures. He has designed events, stages and presented auction items for free for community fundraisers. His Lega Xaafoo Studio is based in Toronto, Canada. Girma will be greatly missed because of his invaluable contributions and commitment to the Oromo people throughout his life.”

Girma was being treated for a neurological disease. However, he could not be cured by treatment. He passed away on July 4,2024. Girmaan was the father of one child; condolences to his wife and child.

Girmaan is not with us today. His voluntaristic work will live with us forever. People like Birhanu Olana are remembering him as very committed Oromo professional.”Girman was a strong Oromo son. He was a strong cameraman and graphics expert that he was helping us day and night when we were looking for such professionals and he never asked us for payment for his services.”

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