The Raaga- the insightful analyst

The term raagaa stand for an insightful forecast based on the critical analysis and understanding of the nature of the circumstance and the desired outcomes. The concept is derived from the verb raaguu which stand for the term ‘prognosticate’, ‘tell in advance’, ‘augur’,’ auspicate’, ‘bode’, ‘omen’, ‘portend’, or ‘presage’. It represents knowledge of future obtain from the critical analysis of situations. It is also a prediction uttered under divine inspiration using their awakened consciousness, that is, the art of prediction by the illumination of supernatural means and critical analysis of signs. And so the term raagaa, in its noun form, stand for a foreboding or predication about what is about to happen. And therefore, raagaa is he who forebode about what is about to happen. He/she is a waaqeffannaa spiritual society official who interpreted omens, or augur to guide both secular and spiritual policy. The raagaa are waaqeffannaa spiritual society’s sacred prophet who is able to presage about what is about to happen. The raagaa is a person he/she who forebodes about what is about to happen.

The waaqeffannaa spiritual society use different means to predict the future and tackle future events. They practice critical analysis looking into different means. The presage ascertain their interpretation of how a querent should proceeds by reading signs, events, or omens or through inspired contact with a supernatural being, Waaqa. Above all, the waaqeffannaa spiritual society employ Uusa or Moora (prediction by observing or reading the entrails or omens of sacrificial animals), and predict future events in a person’s and society’s life and living process. Only those who are trained (male) presages can read the entrails of sacrificial animals, such as bull or ram. The entrails of horses, donkeys, camels and wild animals cannot be used to predict the future. Uusa has two signs: hidda (root) and xannacha (lump). Entrails have a tendril of life, of spring, wealth, umbilical cord and other features. The raagaa can count the roots of entrails and observe their position and can predict the beginning and ending of rain, whether someone would die or recover from illness, whether peace or war, famine or prosperity will prevail in the future, the kind of person who will be born, the nature and future of animals, spirits’ actions (what spirits are planning and what humans can do to forestall, propitiate and humour them), one’s duration of life, and the behaviour of the natural environment. They can also identify what has already happened in the past. It should be noted that the concerned person sacrifices an animal and asks fortune-tellers to read for him. The waaqeffannaa spiritual society believes that unless fortune-tellers fail to correctly read them, entrails do not lie.