About Us

Waaqeffannaa envisions the creation of harmony in which each and every religion plays a remarkable contributions in conflict resolutions, in making peace, in maintaining social harmony, in defending the Namummaa-based moral qualities of the families, in shaping the behavioural system of the society (from blessing ceremonials to etiquette of socializing), and in bestowing socially meaningful names upon the newly born children.


The primary mission of the Waaqeffannaa is the realization of Waaqeffannaa religion for the betterment of Namummaa (humanity), moral judgments and human compassion based on the Rules and the Principles of Waaqeffannaa, the Right Path to Gaarummaa, and the Avenue of Peace to attain Gaarummaa, happiness, and Peace by respecting and deeply exploring the values of the indigenous religions.


Waaqeffannaa promotes and cultivates the Will of Waaqaa for the betterment of human being. It is also based on the Rules and the Principles of Waaqeffannaa, the Right Path to Gaarummaa, and the Avenue of Peace to attain Gaarummaa, happiness, and Peace.

According to Waaqeffannaa principle, a cheeky person of sneaky behavior, a counterfeiter, and a renegade, a socially inconsiderate, selfish and deceptive person is understood as existing against the Law of Waaqaa. Hence, Waaqeffannaa refrains from approving a ‘certificate of integration’ into the religious life of Gadaa Oromoo Families. No one can ever trust such person as a faithful citizen of the Republic of Gadaa Oromoland.

Waaqeffannaa rather adheres to teaching human compassion, conformity to facts of truth, respect to the Law of Waaqaa, honesty to the legitimacy of social taboos, fairness to individual and public opinions, care for strangers, and hospitality to foreigners.

Waaqeffannaa teaches its followers to abhor practices like persecution, ostracizing and segregation of man by man because of differences in faith, language, ethnicity, hair texture, physical character, skin colour, height or weight.

Waaqeffannaa always advocates honesty, modesty, truth, purity and humanity as inherent qualities of the Gadaa-based Oromo Society, which can lead them to successful achievement for the endeavors they are constantly undertaking.

Waaqeffannaa teaches the abhorrence of the root causes that emit cataclysmic social disorders and defile the established social norms with which the Oromos have been living in the longest period of their history, when they stood in the light of Seera Waaqaa and Safuu Oromoo.


The values of Waaqeffannaa are:

  1. Waaqaa endowed the human beings with the Avenue of Peace, Karaa Nagaa, to walk on,
  2. Waaqaa blessed for them with the Waaqaa Rule of Law, as promulgated and declared by the Waaqaa’s messenger, Qaalluu,
  3. Waaqaa blessed the human beings to be men of justice and law-abiding citizens as applied in the Gadaa system of the Republic of Gadaa Oromoland,
  4. He blessed them to be a victorious and prosperous nation of numerous progenies, if they follow the Avenue of Peace,
  5. Waaqaa strictly warned them never to cultivate persons of dictatorial ambitions nor to allow the growth of such person among them and so on.

These and other messages of Waaqaa are believed to have been delivered through the mouth of the first Qaalluu, who had been anointing Waaqeffattootaa pilgrims from all over Gadaa Oromoland at Odaa Mormor and Haroo Walaabuu before colonization. The message has become a self-assertive declaration in rejecting and fighting any form of internally assumed dictators and the colonial rules and rulers.

=============================Waaqaa knows best!!==================================