The WAAQEFFANNAA organisation shall refer to a religious society who believes in and worships the Supreme Power of Waaqaa, the only Supreme Being and Creator of the universe who can do and undo anything. Hence, the Congregation of Waaqeffannaa organisation is a non-governmental religious organization which can also undertake in organizing other social activities relevant to the objectives of Waaqeffannaa.

Since the emergence of Waaqeffannaa as a public religious affair, the followers of Waaqeffannaa (Waaqeffattootaa) have been organizing religious events and programs to deal with Oromo religious matters based on the values and objectives of Waaqeffannaa.

Values of  Waaqeffannaa 

  1. Waaqaa endowed the human beings with the Avenue of Peace, Karaa Nagaa, to walk on,
  2. Waaqaa blessed for them with the Waaqaa Rule of Law, as promulgated and declared by the Waaqaa’s messenger, Qaalluu,
  3. Waaqaa blessed the human beings to be men of justice and law-abiding citizens as applied in the Gadaa system of the Republic of Gadaa Oromoland
  4. He blessed them to be a victorious and prosperous nation of numerous progenies, if they follow the Avenue of Peace,
  5. Waaqaa strictly warned them never to cultivate persons of dictatorial ambitions nor to allow the growth of such person among them and so on.

Objectives of Waaqeffannaa

  1. Serving the true Waaqeffannaa ideology based on the Will of Waaqaa and Rules of Waaqeffannaa,
  2. Introducing Waaqeffannaa to the world using all available means,
  3. Supporting the constructive roles of Waaqeffattootaa’s, followers of the Waaqeffannaa religion, personal and social development activators to enable them to fulfill their potential in the World society,
  4. Providing and strengthening the Waaqeffannaa organizations capacity to encourage the positive engagement and integration of the Waaqeffattootaa generation in their spiritual and social environment, and
  5. It also aims to help assist towards diffusing social tensions, and protect the new generation of Waaqeffannaa followers from extremism and such trends that result in social instability.

In spite of problems confronting the Oromos in course of their history, interaction with other peoples, voluntary or involuntary conversion to the ´written´ religions of the Muslim and Christian worlds, Waaqeffannaa continues to offer pertinent answers to its adherents. Waaqeffannaa has made remarkable contributions in conflict resolutions, in making peace, in maintaining social harmony, in defending the Gadaa-based moral qualities of the Oromo families, in shaping the behavioral system of the Oromos (from blessing ceremonials to etiquette of socializing), and in bestowing socially meaningful names upon the newly born Oromo children.

Therefore, the establishment of the Waaqeffannaa organisaations are to serve the true Waaqeffannaa religion based on the Will and the Laws of Waaqeffannaa knowledge and wisdom, moral judgments and human compassion by respecting and deeply exploring the values of the indigenous religions, cultures and ethic for the religions of the indigenous peoples of African origin to satisfy their needs.

Waaqefafnnaa association has also an objective of promoting the teachings of Waaqeffannaa creeds, based on the Rules and the Principles of Waaqeffannaa, the Right Path to Gaarummaa, and the Avenue of Peace to the rest of the world. Thus, the rationale behind the establishment of Waaqeffannaa association by taking into account the beneficial role of an indigenous religion is to re-cultivate and promote the positive roles of Waaqeffannaa and Gadaa in protecting Namummaa (Humanity) throughout the worlds.